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                  WELCOME TO MY SITE


About Me

If you are on my website, then that must mean you are my subscriber from my MutantMixes channel and want to know more about me. Well I have been in love with music all my life and wanted to start my own world of creativity. So that's why I made a YouTube channel so I could show people my work and hope to get a good amount of fans.

I'm trying my hardest to be a great person in life. I may be a big guy but that doesn't bother me. I love life and everything it has to offer.

Thanks for stoping by and reading a bit about me. Take a look around if you'd like to. I know it's not much but at least it's a site to look at. I will try to update this daily or monthly. Have a good day.

I also have another channel named MutantUnderground where I make videos of me and my friends.